Last New Moon of 2015: New Moon in Sagittarius

December 11, 2015 marks the last new moon of the year at 19 degrees in Sagittarius. If I could describe this new moon in one word it would be: evolution.

As I’ve said before, new moons are cosmic gateways to fresh starts; they allow us to shed our old skin and open ground for new cycles. Each New moon represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new 28-day cycle, making new moons the ideal time to plant the seeds for new beginnings.



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Full Moon in Gemini

Theme: “Honor your dual nature within, all shadow and light as one”.

This full moon in Gemini, the dual nature of your soul is ignited into play.  It is an opportunity to learn how our opposite or contrary forces are actually interconnected; they give rise to each other as they correlate.

This culmination of the lunar cycle, which is also the last one before the Winter Solstice, is ruled by Gemini. The constellation Gemini is depicted as twins, and the battles between the opposites; the twin halves of the brain. The twin sign rules the idea of duality that lies within.

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